Hundreds Expected to Toondah Outlook Display Unit Inspection

The Toondah Outlook Display Units Open this week, from Friday.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Display Units Open from this Friday – Weekdays: 10am to 4pm; Weekends: 10am to 3pm.

Construction continues…Outside and In

Outside and now in…Redland city’s pinnacle project, the luxury Toondah Outlook Apartments are taking shape as we count down for completion in the first half of next year.

Watch for news on the Opening of the first Display Unit to the public within weeks.

Inside and Out – A Milestone for the City

While the Toondah Outlook Luxury Apartment Construction site in Cleveland continues to turn heads, designers and developers are now focussing on its inside…with Inferior Design brains trust Virginia Anderson from AFT Projects saying there’s some breathtaking surprises in store.

Vision and Planning

8 months ago, it was the site of overgrown noxious weeds, derelict and deserted homes and vermin infested buildings…Today, it’s shaping to be the site of a city’s ‘next step’.

The majesty of the Toondah Outlook luxury resort style Apartment complex is now becoming clear as the building powers towards completion early next year.

AFT Projects’ Chris Anderson is smiling and says this building is for him, a career highlight…But most importantly, he says, is the feedback from the scores of people who are eager to call Toondah Outlook Home.

Work Powers Ahead

Plenty of cars driving by, and walkers and joggers pausing to take in the majesty of the Toondah Outlook Luxury Apartment Complex as it rises above Cleveland.

And while the external construction continues, inside the work has also begun on what will transform the building into the cities ‘next level’ of living elegance. Virginia Anderson is overseeing the internal finish and feel.

“Work? On Top of the World”

As Redland Coasts’ pinnacle project, the Luxury Toondah Outlook Resort style apartments continue to climb skywards, so too does the number of people engaged in the construction of the project.

Hundreds of workers, largely local, have been employed to work on what is a signature project for the city.

One such worker is David Tonarillo, from South East Queensland Form Work and he says he’s proud to be one of those workers.