Moving beyond a Unit, Townhouse, or flat and making it ‘home’ is the logic behind the iconic finish being built into every Apartment in the Toondah Outlook project is key, according to Property Developer and interior stylist Virginia Anderson.


As work picks up pace on what is being described as one of Queensland’s most iconic building projects, workers in Redland city and tradies are reaping the rewards as the $90 plus million Toondah Outlook Apartments begin to take shape.

Chris Anderson Response to Protest Concerns

In the wake of the small protest at GJ Walter Park on the weekend for those with a genuine interest in kola protection to talk to developers.

The small gathering at the weekend saw the formation of the new Toondah Action Group which will now work closely with the rate payer funded Koala Action Group in an effort to maintain Koala numbers in the Toondah pocket.

Local Developer and property Analyst Chris Anderson says it is time these groups started to have some meaningful input into local developments instead of constantly working against them.

Mr Anderson says it’s just a common sense approach that will result in positive outcomes.

The Start of a New Outlook

The scope of the City’s most exciting Apartment Development has been revealed with work ploughing ahead on the Toondah Outlook Project in Cleveland.

The 99 Apartment complex will deliver a resort development to the heart of Cleveland offering a landscape and living environment that has not been attempted anywhere in the state before.

Virginia Anderson says Toondah Outlook is about creating a high-water mark for bayside living.

“It’s about where we choose live and how we choose to live and reflects who we are…and where we have arrived.”

The project is expected to take just 18 months to complete and will offer 2 to five- bedroom residences across an impressive 3-street frontage location.

And if pre-sales anything to go buy, Toondah Outlook is set to be one of the most successful Apartment Projects ever undertaken with nearly 70% the Luxury Apartments already sold.

It’s a design that will make the most of this site-An already elevated site offering panoramic views and yet is right there in the Cleveland hub, close to transport, shops, restaurants and entertainment. Close to beaches, Bay and the close to the jumping off point to the Bay Islands.

What’s the Real Motive?

Leading property Analyst and Developer Chris Anderson is calling into question both the data provided and the motives behind the Koala Action Group who this week have attempted to kick up an anti-council storm over approvals given to the Toondah Outlook Development site, in the heart of Cleveland.

Mr Anderson says, for starters, their claims are based on what appears to be fake data.

Mr Anderson says this latest KAG Data that just seemed to appear last week, yet claims to refer to months back, doesn’t stack up when compared with their own earlier data or that work of independent, highly trained and skilled environmentalists who have undertaken extensive surveys and studies of the site.

KAG’s on-going refusal to get involved in liaison about the future of the site over in the past also surprises Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson says the best thing KAG can now do is stop playing politics and get on with the job they get generous rate payer funding to complete.

Facts not Fiction

There are just plain lies being told by the Redland Koala Action Group about the Toondah Outlook site and their nonsense will not be tolerated.

To claim already urbanised site has been “An almost daily” spot frequented by koalas disputes their own long-term tracking data which was examined by independent environmental professionals, State Government and Council.

Enough of the lies from these people who frankly have a key motive and that is to make noise to feed off the rate payer funded teat.

Where’s the data no one else has seen or can verify? We will not tolerate your lies or visuals taken at other sites or at other times.