Retail Secrets

Potential buyers at Cleveland’s newest luxury resort Apartments Toondah Outlook, are increasingly surprised at the standard of the shopping on offer around the city. Project Developer, Virginia Anderson says many of the females are looking around and are coming to her with amazement in their eyes.

Market Movement

As the year rolls towards a close for 2017 we’re seeing major movement in the Redland market and across the South East. Property Analyst and Developer Chris Anderson, says it’s a bellwether change to heed for 2018. Mr Anderson says many of those typical buyers are now looking to projects like Toondah Outlook as a viable alternative that offers far more value for money.

Toondah Outlook – The Build

No issues for construction as works continues full throttle on Cleveland’s latest luxury Resort Style Apartment Complex, Toondah Outlook. Project Developer, Chris Anderson says the site is dictating it all.


The end result for Toondah Outlook, Cleveland’s’ Resort style Apartment Complex now under construction, is to ensure a lifestyle choice that has not been on offer anywhere to date.

Sharon Saul from AFT Properties says the project planning and design is hitting high notes with units selling fast.

She says the breathtaking views, the site position and the size is then improved upon with a complex that offer storage, livability, security and facilities that are exactly what people say they want.

High Standards

A standard of Apartment living like no other- That’s one of the phrases being used by those choosing to inspect display units associated with the unique Toondah Outlook Resort Style development now under construction in Cleveland.

AFT Project’s Sharon Saul says buyers and lookers are astounded that so much can be offered in the one complex, from unparalleled views to room to live.

Stepping Up

The wet weather has been unable to deter scores of people keen to ‘step up’ to the next stage of life as they flock to view what’s on offer in the premium Toondah Outlook Development now under construction in Cleveland.

AFT Projects’ Sharon Saul says the Resort Style Apartments are seeing strong local, state and interstate interest with units selling fast.