A Lot Happens

With completion expected by the end of May 2019, there’s little wonder the pace at the Toondah Outlook building site in Cleveland is full tilt…A lot has happened since soil was turned all those months ago.

No Rest – Just Progress

The shape of things to come is becoming clearer at the site of Redland cities’ largest ever Residential Apartment project, the luxury Toondah Outlook Apartments in Cleveland.

With the project expected to be finalised by Mid-2019, work continues at a rapid rate with the structure continuing to grow upwards while inside, the work has begun.

What’s in a Name

With an on-site workforce now in excess of a hundred the pinnacle Redlands Project, The Luxury Toodah Outlook Apartments, are taking shape with work now underway on the second tower.

And the logic behind the name becomes clear when you take in the views…Toondah Harbour, right there.