The Scope of the Project

More progress as the talk continues across the South East about the huge sales success being experienced by AFT Projects with its new pinnacle Toondah Outlook Luxury Apartment Development.


It’s scores of people each day on site now at the Toondah Outlook Project in Cleveland as the structure begins to tower over the city.

Toondah Outlook is the largest residential luxury Apartment project ever
undertaken along the Redland Coast, and its scope is now booming obvious as the work continues towards a mid-2019 completion date.

Towering into the Sky, with Big Space Below

The size and scope of storage and car parking at the pinnacle Toondah Outlook Luxury Apartment Development, is now clear as the building continues to rise from the ground and now tower into the Cleveland skyline.

The project, the largest luxury apartment project ever undertaken in Redland city, continues to draw buyers from across the country, keen to downsize, without having to shrink.

Taking Luxury to new Heights

No mistaking it’s Presence.

It’s majesty on the Cleveland Skyline is unmistakable – It’s AFT Projects’ pinnacle project, the Luxury Toondah Outlook Apartment Complex which continues to draw wide attention and be hailed as one of the South East’s key luxury residential projects.

A Great View to end the Day

Sunset over Cleveland, Raby Bay and Toondah Harbour…

The spectacular view from the near half way point of the city’s pinnacle project – the Luxury Toondah Outlook Apartments.

Taking shape – Just Special.

Completion due 2019.

Just special…