The end result for Toondah Outlook, Cleveland’s’ Resort style Apartment Complex now under construction, is to ensure a lifestyle choice that has not been on offer anywhere to date.

Sharon Saul from AFT Properties says the project planning and design is hitting high notes with units selling fast.

She says the breathtaking views, the site position and the size is then improved upon with a complex that offer storage, livability, security and facilities that are exactly what people say they want.

High Standards

A standard of Apartment living like no other- That’s one of the phrases being used by those choosing to inspect display units associated with the unique Toondah Outlook Resort Style development now under construction in Cleveland.

AFT Project’s Sharon Saul says buyers and lookers are astounded that so much can be offered in the one complex, from unparalleled views to room to live.

Stepping Up

The wet weather has been unable to deter scores of people keen to ‘step up’ to the next stage of life as they flock to view what’s on offer in the premium Toondah Outlook Development now under construction in Cleveland.

AFT Projects’ Sharon Saul says the Resort Style Apartments are seeing strong local, state and interstate interest with units selling fast.

The Person – Not the Developer Dictates

After years of work in residential property development, Property Analyst Chris Anderson says he and Virginia might just know a thing or two about what people want in their homes.

And it has shaped a new approach to not only design but to selling as well.

“More listening… nothing on spec and no agents or slick real estate marketers.” Chris Anderson says is the first thing.

What people don’t want and won’t tolerate is being told they want or need half of everything – Sadly that’s what the industry seems hell bent on delivering in her name of cost cutting and small lot lifestyle.

What many of my counterparts have overlooked in their spin to shift those narrow homes with a splash of turf out the back is that people want a home.

We’re seeing the perfect storm erupt really in many areas. Where the corporate developer has arrived in places, paid way too much money for land and then set about carving it up into tiny blocks which they then have to sell at well over the odds.

The agents are calling this lifestyle choice… it’s lifestyle torture and investment failure.

The other developer flavor trend towards the tiny apartment or the two-bob townhouse is the result of the same sort of logic.

And as latest figures are showing clearly that these types of last decade projects are now not selling.

AFT Projects have taken a different approach.

Virginia and I have gone beyond ‘watching academic analysis and have instead talked with people.

“Most people, be it those who are ready to move onto the next stage of their lives and out of the huge family home or be it the young professional couple with kids want the same thing in different ways… but the same thing – Not just a base and bedroom but a home to live in and to be proud of – to call home. Home is comfort and feel.”

He says that’s been the driving force behind the design approach AFT Projects has taken with its iconic Toondah Outlook project now under construction in Redland city.

So dedicated are we to making sure this project reflects all that the new buyer wants in a home, we’re selling it ourselves, so our buyers deal directly with us and we can style and cater their home to suit them.

We made the starting point for this project to listen and to learn.

We looked at global movements, at population shifts and 21 st century lifestyle demands across age groups and we quickly concluded that what developers saw as downsize differed wildly to what people wanted… they want to down size the work and effort, upkeep, not the quality or way of life.

Young families want the schools, transport and convenience, not the outskirts and the box with no room to move.

They all want, we all want a home and the space and grace that brings.
Key as always is location – The site… and we found it at a high point in Cleveland nestled on the edges of the Toondah precinct but offering incredible views and access to water and bay islands.

Next came the design and with that, a commitment to quality.

Five years on and work has now begun.

We’re creating room with two to five-bedroom apartments in a complex that offers more useable outside area that most homes. There’s room for the R/V’s, caravans, jet skis, boats, we’ve incorporated a business centre for residents, a men’s’ shed, craft room, pool and outdoor entrainment areas, gym and we so end up with an environmental flavor that is in keeping with all that Redlands has to offer.

The project is expected to take just 18 months to complete and will offer 2 to five-bedroom residences across an impressive 3-street frontage location.

This is not about saving space through establishing a communal pocket, rather it is about ease of living and choice.


Moving beyond a Unit, Townhouse, or flat and making it ‘home’ is the logic behind the iconic finish being built into every Apartment in the Toondah Outlook project is key, according to Property Developer and interior stylist Virginia Anderson.

Redlands Sub Contractors Reap the Rewards

As the soil turns and the concrete is poured at the site of Redland city’s most iconic building in decades Redlands tradies’ and traders are set to reap rewards from the $90 plus million Toondah Outlook Apartment Project.

The magnificent building is a first for Redland city and a first for South Est Queensland, bringing a luxury resort style approach to day to day living and an end to the “downsize’ domain that has dictated unit construction on the East Coast for the past 25 years.

Designed and being constructed by local Redland Company AFT Projects, Toondah Outlook is an Apartment block that has its heritage in some of the most impressive lifestyle and resort style concepts globally.

And millions of dollars, most of the 90 plus million of them, is being spent with local Redland business.

Developer and Property Analyst Chris Anderson and his wife Virginia are the brains trust behind the project and say ensuring the project utilizes as much local labour and product as possible is all part of the vision.

Just as Redlands has been good to us, this project is about being good to it.

It’s an iconic design, a radical move in property development logic and it suits our city down to the ground because it taps into all that makes Redlands one of the greatest places on earth.

This project is about showcasing the best of what this wonderful area of South East Queensland has on offer. We are local builders and developers and we always look local for our team first.

Importantly also is that our family, our kids, have grown up enjoying a Redland lifestyle so we get all that this city has on offer. Time to spread the word and meet the challenge.

We expect the 99 Strong Apartment hub is expected to take just 18 months to complete and will offer 2 to five-bedroom residences across an impressive 3-street frontage location.

This is not about saving space though establishing a communal pocket, rather it is about ease of living and choice.

Virginia and I could not imagine developing such an iconic project anywhere else but in Redlands.

We have a city that is breathtaking… no doubt. We have multi-million-dollar huge homes, dotted across the water front and on acreage around city boundaries full of owners now looking to move to life’s next step.

Then we have the new world young thinkers, wanting all the advantages of city convenience but with environmental advantages, and without loss of access to food schools, or transportation-Where else but here?

There’s no doubt the project has hit a chord, with more than 66% of the Apartments already sold.

‘Our sales are very solid and at time when the small unit market is failing. It tells us the market is crying out for this new approach to living. For us it is the old story… listen to the people and build what they want and they will come.

Of course, the beauty, views, proximity to water amenities and transport helps.